Top 10 EV Charging Station Installers in Michigan

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From the name itself, electric vehicles (EVs) are vehicles that run on an electric motor, instead of an internal-combustion engine that conventional vehicles have. Since EVs don’t have internal-combustion engines, they don’t produce harmful gases into the atmosphere, thus making them a potential alternative for conventional vehicles and a possible tool to combat climate change. 

Because of the benefits that EVs offer to both people and the environment, it’s not surprising that many people are looking to invest in one for themselves. If you do plan to purchase an EV, there is one thing that you need to consider. And that is the charging station for your EV. 

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Top EV Charging Station Installers in Michigan

Once you’ve bought a charging station for your EV, you need to hire someone to install it. Usually, general electricians are the ones who install an EV charging station, and there are a lot of services out there that specifically focus on helping people install EV charging stations in their properties. 

There are several EV charging station installers within Michigan, so if you live in this state, you don’t need to worry. To help you out, here are some of the well-known EV charging station installers in Michigan. 



Srinergy is a clean energy technology company based in Michigan.

The company primarily provides solar system designs and development capabilities; they offer turn-key solar energy solutions for utility-scale, commercial, and industrial customers.

Because they’re an expert of solar installation in Detroit, they can set up a “Solar+home battery + EV charging” system. 
Additionally, Srinergy offers EV charging station installation services. 

Srinergy continually seeks out the latest technologies in solar energy generation and solar storage. As such, they have formed strategic partnerships with companies in these areas to complement their offerings.

Oak Electric Service


Oak Electric Service, Inc. is a full-service electrical contracting company with a goal to simplify life for their busy clients and ensure peace of mind. Known for their slogan “One call covers it all!” the company offers a complete range of electrical and mechanical system services from experienced and licensed technicians. 

Some of the services they offer are troubleshooting and repairs, automatic backup generators, solar power and battery backup systems, and electric vehicle charging stations.

Mr. Electric


Established in 1994, Mr. Electric is a global franchise organization that provides electrical installation and repair services. Recognized by Entrepreneur magazine among its “Franchise 500,” Mr. Electric provides electrical services to both residential and commercial customers at almost 200 locations worldwide. Mr. Electric is a subsidiary of the Neighborly family of service franchises. 

A&M Engineering


A&M Engineering aims to provide their customers with the highest possible quality heating, cooling, and electrical services. With more than 25 years of professional experience, the company’s technicians are licensed, fully insured, and EPA-certified, and they serve in the Oakland, Livingston, Washtenaw, and Western Wayne counties in Michigan. 

Hoover Electric


Founded in 1980, Hoover Electric, Inc. offers electric services to their customers, as well as plumbing repair services and heating and cooling services. Additionally, the company also offers services in maintenance, renovation, design-build, and project consulting assistance.

ITW Electrical Contractors


ITW Electrical Contractors PLLC provides top-quality electrical services to both homes and businesses. The company’s skilled technicians can tackle electrical issues both large and small because of their wide-ranging experience in the field. Some of the services that they offer include electrical maintenance, installation of electrical equipment, and electrical home inspection.

Friendly Electric


Friendly Electric is a company that specializes in electrical, heating, and cooling work. The company has over 30 years of experience in the electrical and HVAC field, and they provide installation and other services to their residential and commercial customers. 

Bohnet Electric


Established in 1906, Bohnet Electric Co. specializes in contemporary, traditional, transitional and vintage lighting, vintage and new crystal chandeliers, and custom lighting. Additionally, they also offer electrical services, such as electrical repairs, wiring, and electrical service upgrades. 

Goyette Mechanical


Goyette Mechanical’s primary goal is to install and service the highest quality plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical, industrial, and environmental process systems. Some of the company’s services are accent lighting installation, air duct cleaning, EV charging station installation, electrical systems wiring, and troubleshooting. 

Macson Electric


Located in Fraser, Macson Electric is an electrical contractor that has been offering electrical inspection, exterior lighting, and new home wiring for eight years. Their services are good for residential, commercial, and industrial. They also offer generators to their customers. 

Westborn Electric


Westborn Electric takes pride in their reliability, great communication, integrity, and quality work. Their technicians are experts in electrical work, and they offer numerous services. Some of these services are new construction electrical systems, EV charging stations, commercial solar, and high-voltage cable and splicing. Westborn Electric’s services are good for residential, commercial, and industrial needs. 

What Are the Most Common Types of EV Chargers?

EVs run on electricity, and because of that, they have a built-in battery that gets depleted after using the vehicle for a long time. It’s the job of an EV charging station to recharge that battery so that you can use your EV again. 

As of right now, there are three primary types of EV charging stations available. These three types are: 

Level 1 Charging Station

A Level 1 charging station usually comes with your EV the moment you purchase the vehicle. This particular type of charger plugs directly into any 120-volt outlet. Because of that, Level 1 charging stations are portable. 

Since your EV already has a Level 1 charger, you don’t need to buy another one. However, if this free charger gets damaged and you need to buy a replacement, the cost of a Level 1 charger is around $300. 

Level 2 Charging Station

A lot of EV owners choose to invest in a Level 2 charging station. This is simply because unlike the Level 1 charging station, which can take up to a full day just to fully charge a battery, Level 2 charging stations charge batteries much quicker. On average, they can fully charge a battery in just a few hours. 

Level 2 charging stations can also have additional features like wi-fi. Because of this, the cost of a Level 2 charger can range from $300 to $1,200. 

Level 3 Charging Station

Level 3 charging stations are made for commercial use, not residential. When it comes to charging, this charger is the fastest and the most efficient of them all since it can fully charge a battery in under an hour. These charging stations can also charge many vehicles at the same time. 

Because of its efficiency, a Level 3 charging station can cost between $12,000 and $35,000. 


Since electric vehicles (EVs) don’t produce harmful gas emissions, people see them as an alternative to conventional vehicles that can also potentially help our environment. As a result, more and more people have expressed their desire in purchasing one for themselves.

When you buy an EV, you should also take into consideration its charging station. Luckily, there are various EV charging stations available, and there are also electricians who can help you install one. Michigan, in particular, has several EV charging station installers, so if you reside in this state, you won’t have a problem finding an installer to help you out. 

So, check out the ten companies mentioned above. All of them can definitely help you with your electrical vehicle journey.