Solar FAQ’s

How heavy are solar panels?
Panels can weigh anywhere from 45 to 55 lbs. and can typically be mounted with less than 4 lbs./sq. ft. roof loading.

How long do solar panels last? Are they guaranteed?
Solar panels are designed to last for more than 30 years and are typically guaranteed the power output for the first 25 years of operation. 97% of power during the first year; and afterward, the power will not decrease by more than 0.7 percent of the rated power per year.

Do solar panels break easily?
No. Solar Panels are made from tempered, shatterproof glass and are designed to withstand up to 1” diameter hail strikes at over 50 mph as well as wind and snow loads up to 112 psf.

How much space does this require on a roof?
Solar panels are modular by nature, so your system can be sized to fit your roof as well as your electric bill. As a rule of thumb, each kW of PV will take up about 100 square feet of roof space.

Do panels work on cloudy / foggy/ rainy days?
Yes, solar panels generate some power on cloudy days, but it will not be the maximum output. On average, Michigan has 4.3 hours of sun per day, with weather conditions perfect for generating optimal solar energy.

Will the system provide me back-up power if the utility grid power goes out?
Typically, no. Most solar PV installations are grid connected and have no batteries to store energy or appropriate switches to legally operate while the grid is down. While battery banks and switchable inverters are available, these add to the cost of your system.

What is the largest size solar system that I can install?
The maximum size of system you can install will depend on the amount of appropriate roof and/or ground space available and how much you want to spend. Most of our solar PV installations are sized for optimum savings, rather than maximum size and most incentives will only cover up to the amount of electricity your business actually uses on an annualized basis.

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