Solar Testimonials

Here are comments from happy, solar energy generating Srinergy customers:


“Srinergy offered a turnkey solar solution, from connecting us to financing at the outset, through coordinating the installation process and working with DTE to commission the system, and even analyzing our first electric bill after we converted.  Our solar system is not only saving valuable natural resources, it is saving us money as it looks like our DTE bill is almost a thing of the past!”

  •  C.J. Felton, Farmington Hills


“Having a house with solar panels has been something I have desired for years.  I contacted Srinergy and they came up with an engineered package that met my needs and made my dreams come true. The system has been operating perfectly since the completion of the installation.”

  •  Jeff Darst, Beaverton


“I really wanted to go solar for environmental reasons and to prove that solar works in Michigan.  I wanted to be a living example.  I immediately got the feeling that Srinergy would walk me through the process patiently,  and I was completely right on that.  All my questions were answered in a timely manner. ”

  •  Renae Hesselink, Muskegon