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Top Solar company in Sterling Heights, MI

Srinergy is a top solar panel installation provider in Michigan. We are passionate about providing reliable and cost-efficient solar energy solutions to our solar customers in different localities like Sterling Heights. We also offer locally made and designed solar panel systems and other solar energy equipment. Our solar team provides solar energy solution services for utility-scaled property, commercial, and industrial facilities. We help our customers generate clean and sustainable energy, but we also offer a cost-saving solar investment.

“Srinergy’s Overall Environmental Contributions



Gallons of water


Taking cars off

the road for a year



acres of forest


Powering homes

for 365 days


Avoiding the production of

metric tons of CO2



barrels of oil




Types of Solar Installations

With Srinergy, we can help you install solar panels at your commercial property’s rooftop to power your business. We provide cost-effective commercial solar equipment that can generate clean energy for your commercial business. By getting a solar panel installation, your business can benefit from multiple solar perks in the long run. It can help you save money from paying monthly electric bills, plus your company can contribute to the green movement.

Commercial Solar

Installing solar panels at your commercial property's rooftop is also possible with Sringergy. We can provide you with commercial solar equipment that can supply clean energy to your commercial business. Getting a solar panel installation has several perks that your business will benefit in the long run. It can save your money for other business needs while giving a sustainable energy supply to your premises.

Industrial Solar

Besides installing solar panels to your commercial buildings' rooftop, installing microgrids, ground mounts, carport solar installations, and solar batteries, we also provide a solar installation for different industrial facilities such as farms and utility buildings factories, etc.

Residential Solar

Residents can save a lot of money and possibly increase the value of their home by using solar panels.


Non-profit organizations can significantly reduce their electricity bills by installing solar panels and use their savings towards other important areas of their work.

Why Solar in Sterling Heights?

Getting a solar power system for your home or business in Sterling Heights is worth your time and money. By going solar, you can experience a lifetime supply of sustainable solar energy. Aside from that, with quickly-rising electricity costs (+17% in the last five years) in Sterling Heights, going solar can save you more money. On the other hand, the high grid electricity costs ($0.14 per kilowatt-hour) in the city can also make your solar payback time shorter. Sterling Heights also provides its people with great solar incentives. With all of these reasons, you can assure that switching to solar in Sterling Heights is all worth it. 

Overview of Sterling Heights and its Surrounding Areas  

Sterling Heights is a city in Macomb County of the U.S. state of Michigan. It is also one of Detroit’s core suburbs in the county. Living in Sterling Heights offers its residents a dense suburban ambiance. Many young professionals live in Sterling Heights, most residents have their own homes, and they tend to lean conservative. There are also a lot of parks, restaurants, and coffee shops in the city. For its neighboring areas, you can visit City Center, Clinton River Rd, Longview Dr, Central Shelby, Dresden Village, Franklin Meadows, Encore, etc.

Why choose us for

Solar Installation in Sterling Heights

Save the Environment

Solar is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Over the lifetime of your system, you will feel accomplished in how much of an environmental impact you will be making- saving gallons of water, reducing toxic carbon emissions, planting acres of trees, and much more!

Increase Your Property Value

Several studies have found that buildings and facilities equipped with solar energy systems have higher property values and sell quicker than non-solar properties.

Drastically Reduce Your Electricity Bills

Using solar power will save you a lot of money. Once your initial investment is earned back from reduced bills, you’ll be able to generate free power for your system’s 25+ year life cycle.

Why Hire Us To Install Solar?

Srinergy has long and extensive experience working with solar utility companies for interconnection requirements, and for the past decade, we have successfully grid-connected several solar projects.

  • As an all-in-one solar power development company, we give our customers in Sterling Heights the best solar energy solutions with locally made solar panels and other solar equipment. 
  • We have ten years of experience working with many small to large scale solar power projects.
  • We can bring solar project financing, capital, and even big investors to our solar customers globally.
  • We focus mainly on large-scale solar projects (larger than 5 MW).

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What Solar Customers Say about us?

I really wanted to go solar for environmental reasons and to prove that solar works in Michigan. I wanted to be a living example. I immediately got the feeling that Srinergy would walk me through the process patiently, and I was completely right on that. All my questions were answered in a timely manner.
Renae H.
Having a house with solar panels has been something I have desired for years. I contacted Srinergy and they came up with an engineered package that met my needs and made my dreams come true. The system has been operating perfectly since the completion of the installation.
Jeff D.

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FAQ about Solar Energy in Warren City

The current average solar panel cost in Sterling Heights, MI, is $3.29/W. Suppose you have a solar panel system size of 5 kilowatts (kW); you may expect to pay $13,982 to $18,918 for the solar panel installation. Whereas the average gross price for solar in Sterling Heights falls at $16,450.

For a typical home in Sterling Heights with a solar panel system of 1.6kW to 3kW, the installation might take one day to finish. If you have larger solar systems, it will typically take three or more days to complete the entire installation. The system size and the complexity of installation determine the time frame of solar panel installation.

Yes, with the use of a larger size solar panel system and battery system, it is possible to go off-grid entirely in Sterling Heights. Having a complete solar power system set allows you to enjoy the abundant solar energy in Michigan.

A home battery system can help you save the excess power generated by your solar panel system, most notably during sunny days. You can use your battery system as your power storage to use your solar power even if the sun is not out due to weather conditions. Installing a battery system together with a solar panel system can supply you with 24/7 solar power.

If you experienced malfunctions with your solar panel system, you must contact your solar system provider. They can check your system and locate where the problem is coming from to give solutions right away. As much as possible, if no knowledge about it, do not try to fix it on your own to avoid other future problems in the system.


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