Partner Programs

Seize an opportunity to partner with a successful solar company and boost your business while expanding connections in the solar world.

Referral Program
Earn money just for sending us sales leads! The program rewards you or your business $5 for every panel installed. We pay you for your passion for promoting green energy and encouraging businesses to Go Solar.

Simply recommend Srinergy solar solutions to any interested business contacts, then register the lead with Srinergy here. When your registration is accepted, you will receive notification from our Partner Program Team. Referral fees are paid out when the lead results in a sale.

Value-added Installer (VIP) Program
Srinergy VIP Program provides toolkits, technical information and support to enable companies to promote clean energy within communities. Team up with Srinergy and streamline your business with pre-designed Solar Systems.

Become a Srinergy Value-added Installer and leverage efficient strategy instead of countless man hours spent customizing every project. By utilizing our variety of pre-designed Solar Systems, your business will realize increased profits without compromising the quality product your customer deserves.