Srinergy Helps Detroit’s Church of Messiah to go Solar!

Detroit is a city that has taken a hard hit in its history. An age-old city whose roots run deep and culture runs deeper. Despite the blizzards in the past, the landmarks of faith have taken root in such a place called Church of Messiah. For over a century, this church has helped many young individuals find their ways through the struggles and hardships of life. With such grounding efforts in helping the community, Srinergy took part to help this 130-year-old building go green with an even brighter future ahead.

Srinergy installed a 4-panel off-grid solar charging station to allow for the individuals to grow digitally. With the Church of Messiah’s goals of helping their people make dynamic changes in their lives, Srinergy’s solar charging station makes technology just as accessible. Srinergy worked and installed this system for “Detroit Community Technology project” to support their “Equitable Internet Initiative” -an initiative to build Infrastructure that gives Detroit residents equal access to digital technology.

Srinergy is there to help Detroit and its people make a true comeback as the city grows and flourishes. We at Srinergy are ready to help make Detroit go solar and promote sustainability.