Srinergy helps Congregational Church of Birmingham become Solar Powered!

Srinergy’s objective is to help communities, even houses of worship, to live green and go solar! We at Srinergy want each one of you to strive in your future endeavors, especially when it comes to going green. As communities come together to help the environment and the betterment of their future, Srinergy comes in to make sure that you can finally take those steps to becoming sustainable. With that being said, Srinergy recently installed a new solar rooftop system at the Congregation Church of Birmingham (CCB) in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

“Explore, Empower, Engage” is the rhythm of the drums at CCB.  ‘Exploring’ ways to become green and sustainable, CCB’s ‘empowered’ church members called the “Solar Givers” came together to raise donations to ‘engage’ Srinergy in a beautiful movement to go green!

Srinergy installed a beautiful array of rooftop blue panels on this house of worship. This installation was a 15.6KW DC grid tiered solar rooftop system. This system will generate about 19,667 kWh/Year which will save the church about $2500 in Year 1! With CCB Solar Givers, Srinergy has helped the congregation to produce their own energy and help the environment-helping reduce the impact on climate change and becoming an inspiration to future generations.