Reducing Energy Costs with Solar

Reducing Energy Costs with Solar

Reducing Energy Costs with Solar

Why Solar Energy?

Whether you have bought a new home or run a business or run a commercial space there are many important advantages of having solar panels and installing them for your daily uses so now-a-days solar panels have become a must for Commercial, Industrial and Residential conservation of energy by using natural resources.

How solar reduces your electric bill

Let’s assume electricity prices will pursue to rise by three percent each year. The typical U.S. home spends about $1,200 annually on electricity. If you buy a system that meets 100 percent of your electricity needs today, you will have an extra $1,200 in your pocket a year from now. The following year, when prices go up, you’ll save $1,236. Your savings will continue to grow for the 25+ years that your panels generate electricity, adding up to $32,000 over the lifespan of your system.

Even if you don’t have the cash to buy a solar energy system up front, you can still reduce energy costs by Fanancing Solar your solar panel system with a solar lease, solar power, or solar loan purchase agreement. Most solar funding options require no money down and reduce your monthly expenses from day one of installation. As an added benefit, your monthly energy costs will no longer oscillate – they will simply be the monthly amount of your lease payment or loan.

You’ve exchanged one expense for another, but your new charge is:

  • Predictable
  • Lower than your pre-solar electric bill
  • Consistent over time, without any Oscillation or increases in electricity bill

Solar Energy and Income Generation

Relying on where you live, Solar Storage Solutions not only help you save on your electricity bill – they can also engender passive income.

Srinergy services many states, like Michigan, Puerto Rico, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor offer generous renewable energy stimulus designed to encourage Solar Farms. If you qualify for these stimuli, your local utility company actually pays you for the clean energy that your panels produce – either with credits or through direct cash.

At that point, your electricity bill isn’t simply $0 – it’s in the negative.

To learn whether you qualify for these impetuses, run a free solar report on your property and get a free options deliberation today. It costs you nothing to explore your solar PV options, and the prospective upside is unlimited.

If you’re going to make a home enhancement, solar energy is pretty difficult to top. You enjoy lower electricity bills for as long as you abide in your house. And when it comes time to sell, you retrieve 100% of your investment thanks to your property’s higher asking price.

Srinergy provides Commercial, Industrial and Residential Solar Solutions at Michigan, Puerto Rico, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, reducing energy costs and the carbon footprint for our customers.